Ultimate Wish:
to eat whatever I want and never gain weight


First run of 2014 with my Roo bear :)


This year i decided that i’ve had enough. I’m tired of being called chubby and fat. Hating myself for not looking like the people in magazines/tv/internet.

I finally accepted that this is the way i look, and I love my body the way it is.

See that belly? the stretch marks on my arms? the body hair? the imperfections? They’re normal

People need to realise that BEAUTY and PERFECTION are two completely different things. 

Love your body.love yourself. Tell yourself you’re beautiful. Stop comparing yourself to everyone and be HAPPY.

My name is Peter, and i love my body the way it is.


August on the left and December on the right….excited to see where I’ll be in another few months! :)

Weight Loss is Easy →


Losing weight is easy… once you do all the hard stuff. Eat a healthy, balanced diet, eat enough, and limit shitty food. Exercise on a regular basis. Stay motivated. Stay positive.

Knowing how to eat healthy is pretty important if you want to lose weight. Eating whole foods, watching your…

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